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Steam Cleaning Dorset

Dorset Steam Cleaning Services are based on the South Coast and we cover all areas of Dorset for all your steam cleaning services. We offer a first class and also a unique chemical free deep steam cleaning service to both domestic and commercial clients.

Catering to a wide range of cleaning needs which includes bathrooms, kitchens, spring/general cleans, regular domestic cleaning, start & end of tenancy cleaning, as well as ovens, windows, floors, carpets and conservatories.


Why We Are Different.

Dorset Steam Cleaning services provides a unique service that offers a deep clean without the use of chemicals.

Many cleaning services will use a variety of cleaning products containing harsh chemicals which emit fumes and contribute to indoor air pollution.

Ethanolamine, Sodium Hydroxide and Butoxydiglycol are just a few of the chemicals in cleaning products that are poisonous if ingested and can be harmful if inhaled or touched.

At Dorset Steam Cleaning Services we get the job done without exposing you or your family to unnecessary toxins. We only use steam (and elbow grease) to get our fantastic results!

Independent testing verifies that Steam Cleaners remove 99.99% of bacteria using just steam, making this an effective method in a hypoallergenic environment.

This is much more efficient in combatting mould, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and other forms of bio contamination.

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Company Services

We offer a full steam cleaning service to:

  • Kitchen Steam Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Start/end of tenancies
  • Spring/General cleans
  • Floors & carpets
  • Ceramic tiles & windows
  • Living rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Caravans & motorhomes.
  • Greenhouses.
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Why Steam Cleaning?

Tenancy Steam Cleaning

All hard surfaces are actually porous. Steam can penetrate those pores and get at that embedded dirt.

Most people assume that in order to achieve a clean home, you're going to need a lot of products: cleansers, disinfectants, scrubbing agents, bleach and other harsh chemicals to get the job done.

Trouble is, not only are those types of chemicals not particularly great for anyone's health, they're especially troublesome for people with allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivities.

Steam cleaners heat water until it creates a steam or vapour, which is usually hot enough to kill bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi on surfaces.

It's also great for removing stuck on bits of food or grime from kitchens, bathrooms - really anywhere in the home.

Dorset steam cleaning services will clean, sanitize, kill pests and disinfect surfaces, using only ordinary tap water. And we've found that steam cleaning can even improve your homes air quality, further safeguarding your family's health.

We think you'll simply be amazed at how clean your home will feel! Steam cleaning doesn't carry any health side-effects that come from using chemical cleansers.

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Client Feedback

  • Fran, Osmington Mills

    Thanks Fitz for a great job on my oven. It wasn't new when I got it but it certainly looks brand new now! Definitely recommend as money well spent and excellent value. Real professional service.

  • John, Verwood

    Thank you Fitz. Not only for your quality of work on our bathrooms and kitchen, but for working around our schedules! Kind regards

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